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17.02.24 / 01 / 1968

Saw the Barbara Kruger exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. I've been a fan for years but she seldom shows here so this was a must. Free but I had to queue for half an hour. Sardonic and amusing, cat videos and Donald Trump, the current era has plenty for her to work her knife on.

Barbara Kruger exhibition I need therefore I shopBarbara Kruger exhibition I love therefore I needBarbara Kruger exhibition I am therefore I hateBarbara Kruger exhibition I sext therefore I amBarbara Kruger exhibition I die therefore I wasBarbara Kruger exhibition This is about you. I mean me. I mean you.Barbara Kruger exhibition Our people are better than your people

There were several examples of this editing take-down - I must go back and film the US pledge of allegiance one.

The merchandise is good - essentially wearable/portable Krugers, and a Kruger in any material or size is actually a Kruger - but one feels slightly guilty about buying it. Her work critiques its own selling.

Not far away a pro-Palestine demonstration was happening. Having a strong sympathy I went to take a look. It seemed good-natured and heartbreaking. A family affair.

Free Palestine demonstration

Something about the afternoon felt like 1968 - people with long hair, round glasses, flared trousers, ethnic materials, the political art and loud demonstration. It would have been nice to go to Notting Hill afterwards and sit on a cushion next to Jimi Hendrix, but you can't always get what you want.

15.02.24 / 01 / structural modelling

The structural options presentation for the Hong Kong Cultural Centre roof, mentioned below, just turned up in a box of stuff. Here are some of the options - the first is closest to the final building. The little chains, although crude, give a sufficiently accurate idea of the structural shape to enable fundamental choices to be made.

I also did a perspective of the foyer. In those days you had to set the perspective up by hand on paper and then ink it - I can hardly conceive of the labour now.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre roof structure model 1981Hong Kong Cultural Centre roof structure model 1981Hong Kong Cultural Centre roof structure model 1981Hong Kong Cultural Centre foyer perspective 1981

The Centre is rather different internally as built in the late 80s, but still seems to have a cable net roof with a skylight along the axis.

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