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16.12.08 / 01 / amy winehouse in the hospital for christmas

russell brand and amy winehouse are the subjects of this year's christmas decorations in the hospital.

in the lift - you can get this image as a wrapping paper download on the hospital website.

kylie liberated one of the winehouse figures hanging on the christmas tree as a souvenir to take back to oz.

11.12.08 / 01 / party on top of the gherkin

tonight i was at a drinks party in the 40/30 restaurant on top of the gherkin [check out the flythrough on their website]. the top of the building is a glass dome with probably the best views of central london right now. my photos here.

the interior was designed by one of my work colleagues at tp bennett. we take clients there to impress them, but i've never been included on these trips yet so i jumped at the chance to go.


Aren't you just the high roller now!

daniel miller

08.12.08 / 01 / pop crucifixes

now these are a good idea... obviously some are not for the squeamish :) will be interesting to see how he develops it

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