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21.11.08 / 01 / rothko exhibition

went to see the rothko exhibition at tate modern. had to buy this wonderful piece of kitsch:


the seagram murals [average dimensions a couple of metres or so] reduced to fridge magnets! someone has a sense of humour in the souvenir department.

also - the 'black on grey' series - the last works rothko made - are surely pictures of the moon. a room full of these is like being in moonbase alpha looking through windows onto the lunar surface. and they were painted in 1969-1970. consider:


how can he not have been aware of these photographs [which were on my bedroom wall in 1969]. it would be a great stunt to make a cutout of the earth, go into the exhibition, and suddenly hold it in front of the painting while a friend takes a photo.

03.11.08 / 01 / naz & jane's pARTy

a couple of weeks ago naz and jane had a party that was also an art exhibition. they had filled their house with works by michael l radcliffe [the modern icons] and joanne vance [the portraits]

this is my video shot during the party:

you can see mike at about 2:55 in the rectangular glasses explaining one of his paintings. his account is here


Hey Steve! Nice video, and thanks for the big-up. Word.

michael l radcliffe

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