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12.12.05 / 01 / big bang

so this is what frightened me 6am sunday. i was half-asleep when there was a huge bang against the window - like something large had fallen against it, or the sash had fallen. i was afraid someone was on the balcony trying to get in, so i didn't open the shutters - just put the lights on and listened. heard sirens on the A40 but nothing else. eventually wondered if an animal had knocked the balcony table - though it was hard to imagine a cat that large/clumsy. in the morning, no sign of anything having moved at all. was only just now i looked at the news and realised what it was. no wonder the air smelt a bit smoky this afternoon.

judging by the comments on the bbc website the whole of southeast england heard it. it was even heard in holland.

08.12.05 / 01 / my new woolie smells of wool

just got a new wool cardigan from howies, and was amazed by the smell of wool. most woolies don't smell of wool these days because they're made of acrylic, or maybe cotton. and i've been wearing fleeces and hoodies for a decade or so, so the smell of wool has a kind of nostalgia for me. it's the smell of grannies and aunties, the smell of the jumpers knitted for me as a child by my grandmother and mother from 'pure new wool' off the market stall. when women stayed at home to knit, and it was still cheaper than buying something.

i guess we're all going to have to get used to the smell of wool again as the oil to make fleece and acrylic runs out. not that we'll need technical fleece to climb mountains any more, they'll be warmer and snow-free at the top :(

04.12.05 / 01 / new stuff on

'Sins of the Father' and 'Queer' by Ikon, 'Esperanto' by Kubik. All nicely outrageous. And if you haven't looked for a while, there are several new sections for groups I was photographing for the first time. Also Cafe Church in Sydney. Adding new groups is the worst thing, I have to change the menu on every page which is now a major undertaking. I still have a load of material from Greenbelt 05 to work through - the installations from Sanctuary and Sanctus 1 in particular. Something to do over Christmas maybe.

03.12.05 / 01 / lifestyle

pasta. baked beans. grated cheese. champagne. toblerone.


Um, nooooo. "...grated cheese. *iMac*, champagne. toblerone."

daniel miller

dude, that's an apple you *can't* eat!


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