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28.01.06 / 01 / the space between thelonius monk and miles davis

met nic hughes last night for a beer in spitalfields. he turned up with tim bayes who i also know from vaux. tim does special concrete stuff for interiors such as the big brother house - see his site low info. tim also used to do carpentry and concrete at vaux. mid-evening tim's brother-in-law dave joined us - he sells 50s-70s modernist furniture at origin 101 and the modern warehouse.

nic is thinking of starting a blog. this is shocking from someone whose mystique is built on not giving anything away - media silence, enigmatic messages, concealed identity, presence through absence. but now he wants to show a different side. tim didn't know what a blog was or how it worked - i had to draw diagrams!

nic was recommending i read 'the darkness of god - negativity in christian mysticism' - the apophatic tradition is nic's big thing, the 'knowledge of god obtained by way of negation' - the collapse of language in the face of the Other [hence the enigmatic stuff]. see also negative theology on wikipedia.

i have a low-level nagging cold and the pub was way too smoky. today i barely have a voice.


Stevo, thanks for a great night, we got embroiled in a very messy lock-in. As a point of caution, never go out with Tim Bayes. His Dad drinks ‘Special Brew’- just for the taste!

The track is ‘The Man I Love’ and the ‘gap’ in question (or is it a manifold Timmy?) was this odd space where Monk’s piano falls silent. No one really knows what happened. I’ll return to that in a second.

Not sure if you could describe ‘apophaticism’ as my ‘big thing’, I’m a ‘tinkerer’ and ‘dabbler’ when it comes to theology. However, I am fascinated by it as a process and how it collapses meaning. Anything that disorders meaning I find interesting, particularly if it exists within the Christian tradition. Same thing with Bakhtin, he could never quite divest himself of the burden of Faith. He’s so Vaux!

Presently, I’m occupied by the ‘production of space’ and ‘haunted geographies’, hence that ‘poncey’ jazz anecdote. I love the idea that the ‘Monk/Davis’ gap could be a site of occupation as well as a powerful metaphor. A (U)topia in its original sense, a ‘non-space’, or tactical point of resistance.

The Book is ‘The Darkness of God’ by Denys Turner and I knicked that from an amazing Greenbelt seminar given by Giles Fraser.

Right. Back into hiding.

nic hughes

hiding until jonny baker finds your blog ;)

any shortcomings in my account are down to the collapse of meaning and language by saturday. i tried to write some stuff about the production of space and our stories that the jazz thing emerged from - but it made us look so pretentious in the cold light of day that i didn't dare publish! ;)

i'm glad i didn't stay for the whole lock-in, i can't sleep for coughing as it is. another time i'd have been up for it. but i'm glad i didn't cancel for being under the weather either. tim was definitely getting a bit intense, giving me the hard sell over his concrete ;) i hope you've showed him this as an example of blogging with comments.


My name is Timmy. I like concrete. And beer. But not blogs. Still, I found this one. Which is easier than finding Nic's. So Stox says.

tim bayes

i still have almost no voice. language has collapsed. made it easy to avoid dealing with people at work and hard to plan the next grace service tonight. the silence between jonny baker and steve collins.


ps hello timmy. was good to see you.


Some good (if hard to grasp) stuff on onto-theology/Negative Theology/Apophatic Theology, Derrida and Dyonisius in "God, the gift and postmodernism" ed John Caputo and Michael Scanlon...

mark berry

I have a small nob!

kester brewin

omg you must all move here and live in my co op loft building so these conversations can continue but with slightly more frequency and with me present!

daniel miller

...except for whatever part involved kester's nob...

daniel miller

19.01.06 / 01 / evangelism and thinking

as for today, "12 occurrences of 'evangelism' have been replaced by 'thinking'"!

[clue: these are parts of the names of divs on pages of that name, eg page_evangelism, backbutton_pomo]


wait, you have div tags named 'evangelism'? OMFG.

daniel miller

there are two sorts of div on the smallritual pages. the site menu divs only have classes, so they're always the same on every page. the page divs have ids as well so i can adjust them individually to suit the very varied content. there are six ids on every page named after the page title - hence the find and replace when using saveas to make new pages.


18.01.06 / 01 / pomo and sense

am just reformatting the 'church for a changing culture' essay off for where it will now live.

and my 'find and replace' function said "6 occurences of 'pomo' replaced by 'sense' :D

15.01.06 / 01 / smallritual redesign

well i guess it's time to start posting again.

i rearranged smallritual over christmas. the stack thing wasn't working, so i turned it into a place for single photos or short sequences - the ones that don't seem to belong in the photos section. my favourite images, really. the emerging church stuff that was in the stack has been put in its logical places in the network church etc categories. all this required a new home page which tells you what's what. this has broken your links but i won't move things again. the home page has a few links to the most linked-to things that have moved.

and there's a new colour scheme [also for this blog], new section menu graphics - and the stealth dove camo background. i had the dove camo idea a couple of years back but it only just developed its stealth aspects. it was amazingly hard to tone it down enough to be a satisfactory background.


Yeah I was showing somebody your site on Thursday and saw the new design. Like.

daniel miller

thanks. it's probably changed twice since thursday! i have a new main menu but aren't sure whether to use it or not. for laters.


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