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12.07.11 / 01 / vauxhall craftsman's guild

back in the late 60s car maker vauxhall ran a car styling competition for young people called the vauxhall craftsman's [sic] guild. being obsessed by car styling at the time i joined for a couple of years but was daunted by the effort required to make a model fit for entry. see here for extracts from the competition manual, and 'guildsman's news'. some of the entries are beautiful, plausible and prescient, others less so. as the naming suggests, no girls appear ever to have entered.

08.07.11 / 01 / ghosts of power versus the spirit of community

my new guest post at clayfire curator on the subject of church buildings and power structures. ends in a weird place but that's what happens when you make notes on a long train journey.


couldn't resist putting a labyrinth in there eh?

tim westcott

i did wonder, but i had to think of nine easily identifiable and different things!


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