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30.05.11 / 01 / what does your church year look like?

what does your church year look like? this is kind of a response to a discussion at the tautoko weekend about seekers asking 'how does church fit into my life?', which raised the question: are we advocating attendance at a weekly event, or a life journey in partnership with others and with history?

the way our religious life is structured often makes it look like the former. if we intend the latter we need to rethink what we do and when, so that the 7-day drumbeat becomes an element in the mix rather than the loudest sound. there's also something countercultural about having your major festivals midweek. demand time off for ascension but offer to work sunday.

02.05.11 / 01 / london 1991

just found these photos of london in [i think] november 1991, on one of those brightly overcast days that photographers curse. i had a day off and decided to look at the new docklands developments - butler's wharf, and then my first trip on the docklands light railway to canary wharf [it was the only way to get there then]. canary wharf was a forlorn rump in those days - the london property market was in deep recession, the buildings were empty and the developers olympia & york went bust a few months later. i didn't know then how familiar i would become with these buildings in later employment.

the view of central london is equally strange. london has been transformed since the millennium, and the new things have all been accepted instantly as part of the city's image, so it's hard to remember what it was like before. and how conservative it had been. in a couple of years when the shard and the pinnacle are finished the change of skyline will be complete and its essential shape around these twin peaks will be stable, for a while.

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