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01.06.15 / 01 / howies 20th

so howies are 20 today. i knew about them more or less from the start, had seen their early stuff in slam city skates i think, but the relationship started in 2003 when i saw one of their inspirational catalogues in a coffee shop and blogged them. and then a few months later nic walters asked me to go and photograph the howies t-shirt he'd designed, in the wardrobes in selfridges. after i had taken a few shots i was stopped by selfridges staff - which seemed outrageous then and is unthinkable now when everyone photographs everything. I bought nic's t-shirt, and thereafter an unending stream of things. howies became a grace thing, and even an alt-worship thing, enough so that dave walker's caricature of an emerging church bloggers' meeting in 2006 showed one wearing a howies top (in fact they all look like a caricature of me!). on andrew jones' blog entry a couple of weeks later he refers to the cartoon, and there's a photo of me - wearing a howies t-shirt...

most days i am wearing something by howies. usually it's a merino base layer, or selvedge jeans. or a merino mid-layer, or a wooly hat. or a shirt with reflective bits woven in. i used to wear their t-shirts a lot, but i'm over t-shirts. still have a few howies ones though. i have an epic cotton lightweight jacket which i have worn literally to holes and discolouration - it's maybe 8 years old. i finally found something to replace it, by fellow ethical brand finisterre. there's a howies sticker on this laptop. so happy birthday howies.

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