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02.04.18 / 01 / deleting facebook

So I just deleted my facebook account.

I stopped using it in July 2016, because it had become a source of stress at a time when I was close to breakdown. I intended to give up looking for a while and see what happened. And the while became 6 months, and eventually a year, and I went back once to post a Grace flyer, months ago.

I was never a big user anyway, because I disliked it as a platform, and it was having security scandals almost as soon as I joined. So I never shared a great deal of data. Having downloaded my archive I don't see anything in there that I wouldn't have put here. And very little personal information.

But it's become clear that Facebook will not reform, and the only way to mitigate the security and privacy issues is to leave it. Not a total solution but at least let's shut one open door.

All my friends on Facebook were actually my friends. They all know how to get hold of me if they need me, and I them.

Now let's restart this thing.

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