Smallritual 19 2019

At this point I put the tramlines back, hankering after the framing effect of versions 10-15. The compass was now the only logo.

This design was about coloured horizontal lines scrolling vertically between the tramlines. The main menu dropdown emerged out of three coloured lines.

Section menu page.

Image page, with horizontally scrolling image strip inside fixed-width window.

Text page.

Blog page with main menu down, showing the effect of the coloured lines. The burger and main menu now stuck at the top of the window.

The phone screen arrangement had only horizontal lines. The compass made a nice target for returning to the homepage.

One of my design constraints is that the main and section menus should be of the same type and align.

The burger and main menu stuck at the top of the screen.

The images swiped horizontally within a window. The image size gets enough on screen at once for legibility.

Blog page with orange lines, playing against the blue/green site lines.

The blue line and compass tell you it's the bottom of the page.

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