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02.12.11 / 01 / cut out the light

was at the coolest private view tonight at the scin gallery in old street. downstairs noma bar made cutout illustrations on a huge press, using wooden dies, and scribbled with his iphone torch on photoluminescent versions of the prints. upstairs jake dyson talked about his wonderfully engineered lighting products. also lots of strange and beautiful materials for buildings.

cut out the light 14cut out the light 16cut out the light 25

the horizontal arm of dyson's CSYS lamp is a heat sink that cools the LEDs, using the same technology that cools the chips in computers. the very efficient cooling extends the life of the LEDs to almost 40 years. the power consumption is 8.8W. the arm moves horizontally and vertically on a very smooth counterweighted mechanism. the lamp is fascinating in a way that's hard to photograph - you have to touch it and move it.

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