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25.12.10 / 01 / snow on christmas day

i don't remember seeing snow on the ground on christmas day since christmas 1962 [famously hard winter] when i made a snowman. happy christmas everyone.


hope you made another snowman this year - metaphorically at least. happy new year.

cheryl lawrie

17.12.10 / 01 / in memory of berkeley nuclear power station

today the stripped reactor core buildings of berkeley nuclear power station were sealed for 64 years until the reactors themselves can be dismantled.

my father worked at the adjacent nuclear laboratories, and my first summer job was there too, writing fortran subroutines about particle decay in reactor cooling water. i'd type up the punchcards and hand them in to be transmitted to the mainframe at the atomic energy research establishment, harwell. the next day i'd get a printout on folded paper. if it didn't work i had to fix the code and wait another day while it ran.

oh, and as a child i would go to christmas parties in the admin block!

so here is a leaflet that my father had to tell you how it worked.

09.12.10 / 01 / 10 years of and

somehow between illness and work i missed the tenth anniversary of in october. the domain was bought at the same time, but it was initially occupied by a temporary CV site. the first smallritual site didn't go up until october 2001.


Congrats on the anniversary. Prayers with ya...

becky garrison

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