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29.09.10 / 01 / hyperthyroid

as suspected the test results show that i have a very overactive thyroid. this speeds up the metabolism, hence the shaking hands, weight loss, inability to sleep, racing heart, breathlessness etc that have been afflicting me for the last couple of months. my body is wearing itself out, so i have been signed off work for a month to rest while the drugs do their work. the drugs [15 pills a day] will suppress my immune system, so i will not be seeking society much. no holiday at the coast, better avoid the tube. i am in quarantine, but it's you that are infectious!



On the bright side, I guess that means we'll be seeing a lot more of you online?

daniel miller

oh yes. you know this was supposed to be the year that i got back to regular blogging?


12.09.10 / 01 / damien hirst catalogue find

major score today in oxfam bookshop - sotheby's catalogue for 'beautiful inside my head forever' - pictures here. the auction broke all records for a single artist on the very day that lehman brothers collapsed. hirst remarks in the catalogue, "... you know, everything goes for a lot of money until it doesn't. It's about timing. You just hope you get your timing right." He got his timing right. the sale marked the peak of the market and the end of the britart era, twenty years after freeze.

i wonder if the person who gave the catalogue to oxfam actually bought anything?

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