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28.09.08 / 02 / greenbelt 3 - foundation 'babel'

bristol emerging church foundation produced one of the most entertaining services i've seen at greenbelt in recent years, complete with punky soundtrack and banksy visuals.


Hey, I'm glad that you caught this on camera, and that you enjoyed it. It was a really good alt. service at Greenbelt. I will also be there next year :-)

daniel lewis

Thanks very much for these kind comments and also for filming and making available the footage of the service. I have shown this page to the service planning team and all were delighted.

tim summers

28.09.08 / 01 / greenbelt 2 - visions choral evensong

visions' second service at greenbelt was a choral evensong, reset into their own inimitable style. videos of sections:
psalm 114
psalm 115
the magnificat
nunc dimittis and creed

turn your bass up because the clips don't have enough. shame about the ugly room and the daylight. the room was packed, so this could have done with being in a better venue.

19.09.08 / 01 / stuffed animal magic

best thing at 100% design - or at least the most startling - is the jericho hands tent. not sure if i want to applaud or scream.

on the adjacent stand stephen johnson does slightly less disturbing things with kitsch sculptured animals. check his website for the 'now isn't that lovely' section.

18.09.08 / 01 / leaving the hospital drunk

it's london design week/london fashion week and there are a lot of parties. tuesday night i was at the modular lighting and moroso show, and they kept filling my glass, and then we went to the hospital club with a colleague who's a member [he's the guy who is close mates with bek at the city space bar in moscow so there's maybe a pattern of upscale social drinking here].

by the time i left the martini lounge i was very drunk and decided to take pics on my phone on the way to the tube. i fell asleep on the bed fully clothed. the next day i was so sick i couldn't go to work until the afternoon when the room had stopped spinning. i do this once every five or ten years to remind myself why i don't get drunk. the photos were OK though.

15.09.08 / 01 / new stuff on

at last, some new stuff on

looking at the dates on the menus there hasn't been any new stuff for a couple of years - just old material/website designs added.

except i just remembered this from 2007 which ought to be on too


Very cool stuff. How did I miss that Flickr set when you posted it?

Miss you man!
Miss GB
Miss UK

daniel miller

miss universe? :)

it was probably easy to miss it, it may have been buried under a lot of other uploads.


If I knew Miss Universe I would probably miss her too, yes. :)

daniel miller

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