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27.07.08 / 01 / moscow sunsets

last week in moscow i had time to be a tourist in the evenings. at this time of year the sun sets around 10pm and the fine hot weather makes it feel like the afternoon goes on forever.

so on tuesday we watched the sun set over moscow from the city space bar, while drinking cocktails on the house. btw i put the nighttime city space bar movie here on vimeo which is much better than the youtube version.

on wednesday we were in red square at sunset, including some time exploring the GUM shopping arcades [it's three arcades with criss-crossing stairs and balconies].

we took the 1710 flight back on thursday, and the clear skies meant i could photograph moscow from the air. our route took us to the north of london past wembley, so the london photos are more for comparison of london/moscow suburban development. but i did get a good shot of windsor and eton a few minutes before landing.

i forgot to blog this movie of the square outside the hotel from my june trip - this is how to liven up a dull 70s tower block facade! the big stalinist tower is the ministry of foreign affairs.


great shot. that neon hotel is fascinating. i have seen similar things from more artistic camps, ie using the lights of a building to play tetris, or pattern-generating LED stuff.. but to just coat a building in a sheath of glowing neon tack is very um.. bold. very vegas, in fact.

tim westcott

17.07.08 / 01 / cheeseplant mushrooms

i got home tonight to find that small mushrooms had appeared in my cheeseplant pot. weird, but decorative. i won't try eating them. i wonder if they were in the original soil, or the soil i added when i moved it to the big pot?



watch out for miniscule blue people. the ah, likelihood of you seeing said blue people may be drastically reduced by your commitment to not eating said mushrooms...

tim westcott

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