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30.06.09 / 01 / labyrinth on the beach

at last someone has done what i've always wanted to do - and in the part of the world i wanted to do it. strange to see a labyrinth done in the morning though. I can't imagine it as a morning thing!

26.06.09 / 03 / london blamed

London blamed for jackson death

26.06.09 / 02 / ...and while i was typing that, michael jackson died

what a shock. i guess he was pushing the rehearsals too hard.

26.06.09 / 01 / london from the air

for the next few months i'm working on a project in cheapside opposite st mary le bow. as part of this i visited the client's current office high in tower 42, which is still for the moment the tallest building in central london. the views across london are stunning, and the photos can be pored over full size - not bad considering they were taken through windows.

mid-meeting, a peregrine falcon appeared outside the tower, wheeling alone in the sky at our level, looking down for prey - presumably pigeons.

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