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26.05.07 / 01 / sore

... after three hours in the tattooist's chair having the outlines done for a large one from wrist to neck. it'll take another session in a couple of weeks' time to complete the infill. photos and explanations when it's finished. right now it's at the messy stage.


20.05.07 / 01 / smallfire update

just finished a sizeable update of


Solomon's Porch section added, using Daniel Ehniss's photos of a Kubik visit to Solomon's Porch in 2006. It's about time we had some photos of the pioneer sofa church. i've located some more which i can ask about now that the section's there...

Depone's Kubik set and Johannes Kleske's 'Remix' set in the Kubik section

Trinitas section added; and i liked Adam Walker Cleaveland's .bE services so much that they have their own section - making Adam the first individual to have his own section.

And the Abundant section has been filled out with merchandise, additional flyers, a surf weekend and a new year's eve party from 1998.


Steve – my drawer of shame! You’ve ‘outed’ me!

To be utterly pedantic – I didn’t do a lot of this stuff, and the stuff I can claim has long been removed from my book. However, they were great days and Abundant got me my first ‘proper’ design job – so I can’t be too bolshy!

I keep meaning to photograph the large format newsletters we did, but I’ve lost the ‘grey’ Laika one. Do you have it?

nic hughes

you're not an anonymous worker anymore!

i guess i should change it to say you created 'many' of the graphic materials. but you set the direction - most of the distinctive stuff is you or copies you. in ten years time you'll love it all again - when the late 90s is back in fashion.

sadly i don't have the laika newsletter. i've got a couple of the others - will add them to smallfire some time. i remember the laika image though - did she reappear at vaux?


Laika – beautiful image of absence

nic hughes

11.05.07 / 01 / new macbook

i bought a macbook today. my old ibook is six years old this month - bought more or less the week the white ibooks came out in 2001. it was good for five years, but i've known for a while that i would have to replace it this year. it's accumulating physical problems, software upgrades are no longer possible on a G3 chip, and i get 'startup disk almost full' messages frequently in spite of my best housekeeping efforts. yesterday i realised that its time was finally up.

so now a new one. i don't need a pro - the ordinary macbook's already five times the machine i was working on yesterday. i'll turn the ibook over to os9 and legacy apps - i've still got old files whose content i need to rescue somehow. i'm wondering whether to put the stickers from the old one onto the new one - or whether to leave it pristine. that ibook looked so clean and futuristic in 2001, and now it looks a little bit crude next to the macbook - one wonders how much more smooth and white things can get. the screen's good - once calibrated - using the advanced mode - don't ever accept the screen settings straight out the box - it's almost good enough to make me give up my external CRT monitor, but the colours are dry, unsaturated. don't know what to do about that - or whether to assume that everybody's screens are like this now so tweak photos accordingly.

08.05.07 / 01 / hiatus

the hiatus here is just because i'm doing other things. a month or so back i wrote a list of all the things that needed doing, from new sportswear to updating websites via gardening stuff and tattoos. i'm working my way through it, and have taken this week off work to help. there's vast amounts of stuff going up on flickr - the sydney trip photos are all there now, and the norway sets from 2004 are going up atm. it will be good to have them in a place where i can see them, never mind you! eventually i'll remove the photos and stack sections from, or cut them back to a few favourites. i never did get the latest version fully populated again, and then flickr came along and offered a much easier way to do it.

the only trouble is that there seems to be no way of inserting all these old photos at the back of one's photostream, so current stuff is lost under the deluge. so i'm trying to get it over with all at once. the new flickr collections thing is essential to order all this - if you want to see the old/new sydney photos go to the sydney collection in the australia collection - the photos in the stream are already buried by norwegian ones.

strange to think i've had my flickr account just less than a year. that'll be around 1100 photos a year [not counting the backlog].

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