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19.04.14 / 01 / dutch postcards 2

back in december 2012 i blogged about the postcards that dutch church community blossom030 had made, based loosely on my smallritual set. recently a couple of the community visited grace with some visitors from the pkn, and left a set of the postcards for me:

Blossom postcards web

it's great to have the physical set. part of the reason i made postcards was that there's a certain appeal about something you can actually hold, and put on the desk in front of you or pin on the wall. and the keepability gives the idea a chance to sink in and do its work. so thanks again to blossom030.

i'm now working on a second church set, and i produced a workspace set to cause a reaction and open up some conversations on my return to work this month. of course, the church and workplace sets can be shuffled together :)

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