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24.03.20 / 01 / lockdown

Friday 20th was the last day at work. Who knows when we will see our desks or one another again? We all knew as we departed what would be missing - the relational aspects of work. The technology is not an issue. Last week we all took one of our big monitors home. The firm paid for the taxis. Everyone was given a headset and webcam. The IT department have achieved a miracle in getting a firm of 300+ people into the cloud at short notice, all of it working smoothly - we are in awe. They have been putting the basis in place for several years - I have often worked remotely on my laptop, from hotels and offices in other countries. I already have the headseat and webcam, to do meetings on Bluejeans for my last two projects. So for me what has happened is no great culture-of-work shock. Others are struggling with not being allowed to use the office. Some don't have the broadband or the workspace, but for a few it's an issue of separation of home and work.

13.03.20 / 01 / risky

Travel in London now feels risky. We keep well away from one another and turn our faces away. Coughing and sneezing is seriously anti-social. We wrap scarves around our noses and mouths. The cashmere scarf my mother gave me is now in constant use (soft on the face and dense fabric). I wear gloves to not touch handles and surfaces. I don't get into crowded carriages. I try to avoid the rush hour, and many people try not to come into work at all so the crowds have thinned a bit. I take the District Line across town, even though it's slow, because it feels better ventilated and more spacious. The Central Line is too crowded and stuffy.

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