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30.03.08 / 01 / communist postcards

in the 70s and 80s one of my uncles used to travel behind the iron curtain on business. he sent us postcards, as much for us to see the stamps as anything. i found a few of them over easter - here on flickr. there may be more to follow if i can remember where they are. on one such trip he brought back the tu-144 brochure.

the postcard from north korea strikes me as especially remarkable now - it can't be a common thing to have. my brother noticed that the description is in spanish - why would a north korean postcard have a spanish caption? we presume it's because the only visitors were likely to be from cuba. it's also unusual for stamps to feature aggressively brandished machine guns.

09.03.08 / 01 / grace videos

a couple of video clips of the first and second parts of last night's grace service, 'elijah in the desert'. sadly i didn't get warning of the startling sound and video cut-up in the third part or i'd have filmed that too.

that's jenny baker on the bike demonstrating her triathlon fitness.

the second part of the service moves to the cafe for food and drink. roly miller is the horizontal dj.

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