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28.02.05 / 01 / kubik photos on smallfire

kubik photos now on smallfire.

22.02.05 / 01 / photos of me at kubik

...not by me at kubik. daniel ehniss who was responsible for that last comment has posted some photos of me at kubik. my good host mark reichmann is in the middle background of 'session 01'. was cool to be with you guys. more later.

btw it's snowing in london now.


Hey Steve
Hope you had a good day after your long journey last night. Was good to have you here... thanks for everything! Blessings

mark reichmann

hey mann why are you up so late? :) it's 3am where you are. i'm just playing with the kubik earplugs


dude when how did you meet all these germans? this whole thing is killing me. i need to go back to D-land. i'm going to read those german blogs for a while...see wtf i might possibly understand after so many years away.

daniel miller

hi steve, thanks for the link. it's so cool, that some kind of network is emerging. hm... it's still snowing here - i will be very happy when the sun is shining again.

daniel ehniss [depone]

19.02.05 / 01 / frauenalb photo album

new photo album, stuff taken at Frauenalb where i am staying while with Kubik. for daniel to be more jealous :)



daniel miller

18.02.05 / 01 / kubik

kubik has wifi in their bar so i can blog after the service. Photos eventually on smallfire of course. the hour or so of alt worship was familiar stuff for english people - interesting to see the old 'breathe in love/breathe out hate' thing projected on the wall in german. someone was very kindly translating the spoken stuff for me, but that section needed no translating! [they got it from sue wallace's book 'mulit-sensory prayer'. the overall theme was that, as god once walked with us in the garden before the fall, so he still walks with us in the city. nice traffic video [everyone has a traffic video ;) ]. afterwards the bar reverts to being all bar and people are hanging out eating chips. It's thinned out, but it was almost too full for the service - hard to move freely. the problems of success ;)

there's someone here from a radio station - she's interviewing people, will interview me tomorrow when it's a bit quieter. tomorrow pm we're having a get-together of german emerging-church people/bloggers [almost synonymous terms now].

i'm staying in a guesthouse next to the ruins of a monastery [convent maybe] in the edge of the Black Forest. there's a foot of snow - went for a walk in the woods.


dude sounds amazing! so jealous!

daniel miller

Thanx for your teaching at KUBIK...

joshua eisenhut

hi steve, was very cool to meet you in karlsruhe. hope you had a safe trip back.

daniel ehniss [depone]

14.02.05 / 02 / abundant flyers

i made a start on the Abundant section of Small Fire with a couple of pages of flyers 1995-1997 and flyers 1998-1999. they give some idea of what we were up to. all this stuff is fairly pivotal in my life. i wouldn't be writing this without it.


Hey Steve
I on the Road and cant write an email so I try it this way... Just wanted to say that its snowing over here.. The place were you ll stay has 30cm snow so bring your boots, wont be fun in sneekers...

Looking forward to see you

mark reichmann

14.02.05 / 01 / urban mass

vaux last week yielded some nice photos. vaux is one of the few places where i get to be my real self.


that's great stuff, steve. would a point system for scrabble help one get out of purgatory faster? anyway, glad my bro and i could make it out to vaux this summer...

adam feldman

13.02.05 / 01 / minor prophets

Grace went well tonight. Subject the Minor Prophets, ie Hosea to Malachi, whose sculpted busts hold up the galleries on each side of the church. 12 prophets, 12 stations each done by a different person/persons, underneath the relevant carving. The congregation were given an explanatory sheet of Biblical and historical background, and left to wander round at will and eventually into the cafe. Once again we had nearly 50 people - most of whom are regular visitors now. Of course we always expect them to suddenly stop coming without explanation. But we're picking up visitors from other local churches now, which has never really happened before - the localness helps with the regularity i suspect.

The service was an answer to those who'd say that alternative worship doesn't do the Bible or teaching - sizeable chunks of biblical exposition and long excerpts from the books themselves, stuck up around the walls. Indeed we were invited to read the whole of the book of Obadiah in four minutes, because it's the shortest in the OT. I think by the end we'd all read about six-books-worth of parts of the Bible seldom touched on in conventional sermons. The subject matter seemed unnervingly topical: war in the Middle East, rogue states, revenge for atrocities, the rich walking over the poor.

I did some stuff on Jonah, ignoring the fish and concentrating on the prophet who was angry that God wouldn't destroy his enemies. I'm always delighted by the internal linkages of the Bible - Romans 12:19 quotes Deuteronomy 32:35, but the illustration is Jonah chapters 3 and 4.

We joked that we could make the 12 stations into a boxed set for sale by Group. Jonny said that few churches have the carved heads around, so I thought we could have inflatable prophets in the kit. We could just print the faces on balloons to tie up around the place. Look, Nahum just burst. And Zephaniah is flying round the church making farting noises.

09.02.05 / 01 / long long hours

“Architecture is very, very tough,” says Zaha Hadid in BD. “If you want to do really interesting stuff, it requires long, long hours to get there. It’s much more difficult than people imagine. You think if you spend one more hour you’re going to get there, two more hours you’re going to get there. Maybe it’s not true, but that’s how you’re trained."

04.02.05 / 01 / sleep pattern

did the BBC's circadian rhythm test and it came up with this image

which is evidence for what i already knew - that i struggle to get up before 8am, and getting up at 6.30am to make early meetings kills me. i should use this at my forthcoming annual appraisal to explain why i shouldn't do morning meetings. it even gets the timing of my sleepy patch in the afternoon right.


dude we must have answered the questions exactly the same because my graph is the same one.

either that or everyone gets the same graph. ;)

daniel miller

Daniel, thats possibly because there are only a handful of types...

it's a myers briggs test for sleep...

darren wright

actually i knew that your graph would be the same one anyhow ;)

and i suspect there are only five or six graphs on this test

interesting how myers briggs doesn't test for sleep. because it always feels like sleep pattern is a significant part of personality.


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