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18.07.04 | 01

This blog now continues HERE so adjust your links please. the new one is a proper blog and has rss too. soon there will be a new small ritual site also.

03.07.04 | 01

finally get away to norway tomorrow after nasty last-minute stress when the ticket agent messed up the flight ticketing. consequently instead of a nice two hour direct flight to bergen i go to amsterdam and wait ages for a connecting flight.

i was going to move this blog onto blogger or something updatable on the move, but it's now unlikely i'll be blogging anyway since i'll be on a boat for most of the trip. and if i come ashore i'll be looking round not heading straight for the nearest internet cafe! still, the rate i've been blogging no-one will notice a ten-day hiatus. there'll be some photos when i get back. and maybe a new small ritual site ready to roll.

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