Inner worlds

The new desk

Open house

At least this is how an introvert experiences themselves.

Maybe isn't a desk. At least not something you could put a typewriter on.

Now everyone needs the same quality of space to work.

Pegs and holes


Coffee to cake ratio

Modernist vs postmodernist objects

Not fitting in.

With reference to alt worship etc.

What always happens

Inclusivity and exclusivity.

A desk is whatever

Team garages

Career ladder vs career field

It doesn't have to be a grey rectangle

Agile teams need centres, not boundaries.

How do we balance craft and management?

Gigantism vs ecosystem

Grid thinking vs cloud thinking

Innovation space

Growth vs seeding

Accumulation vs interconnection

Innovation requires a space to play in

Forest or fish?

Parts bin or playdough?

Singular vs plural

Climb the tree or swim to the front?

Are the parts specialised or mouldable?

Are you a building or a neighborhood?