Typepad blog designs 2004-2016

July 2004, the first entries on the Typepad blog. The header isn't right yet. Centred 3-column layout. Relates to 4.

January 2005. Relates to 6.

September 2005. Relates to 6.

August 2006. Stealth dove header. New customised Flickr widget to display 5 latest photos - not working here but see later screenshots. Relates to 7.

October 2006. Relates to 7.

April 2009. Relates to 8. Main column on left.

June 2010. First stab at relating to 10. Helvetica replaces Verdana.

March 2011. Wider layout related to 10.

August 2012. Dark-mode version. There was a dark-mode version of the main site but neither stayed for long.

November 2012. Reversion to a colour block layout.

April 2013. First draft of a new format related to 13. Two column format better for phones, drop shadow logo, blue or orange links.

February 2016 but the format dates from 2014. The final format of the Typepad blog and a basis for from 2017.

Categories cloud.

Blog and website links in right hand column.

Bottom of front page.