Smallritual 16 2017

The 'liquorice allsorts' design. My early experiments with responsive layouts were very blocky, this was by far the best - smallritual 15 with the main menu moved to the top, and put in a drawer to take up less space.

The main menu drawer open. The 'New' menu block in the image scroll was something I discarded.

Section menu page.

Section menu page. Different colours for different sections. The content pages couldn't be themed by colour as they appear in several sections.

Image page. Horizontal scroll in a window between the tramlines rather than extending them as previously.

Everything is contained between the tramlines, but the overall width varies to suit screen size.

To avoid awkward residual space to the right of a single image, a secondary compass graphic was added. The colours varied to suit.

Typical text page, extending downwards between the tramlines for conventional scrolling.

Phone format home page. No tramlines at this width.

Phone format home page.

Phone format section menu.

Phone format long section menu.

Phone format main menu open.

Phone format image page. The image scrolls horizontally inside the window.

Phone format text page.

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