Grace web flyers

From 2006 each Grace service had its own web flyer. This is a selection of my designs, others also produced flyers.

Christmas Labyrinth service December 2023

Advent service December 2022

Uncommon Ground service April 2022

Grief and Hope service July 2019

This is Great Britain service April 2019. 2012 Olympics/Diamond Jubilee reference.

United Kingdom Come service March 2019. 1977 Sex Pistols/Silver Jubilee reference.

Space service February 2019

Advent service December 2018

Tag service September 2017

Barbecue July 2017

Good service June 2017

Progress service January 2017

Iceberg service October 2016

Ashes to Ashes service February 2016

Fire service June 2014

Even Unto Death service March 2014

Re-engage service September 2012

How To Pray service May 2012

Play service October 2011

Love Thy [6 Billion] Neighbour[s] service June 2011

The Prophet's Story Episode 2 service April 2011

The Prophet's Story Episode 1 service March 2011

Flatpack Harvest service October 2010

Hagar service February 2008. Photo by Jonny Baker.

How Big Is Your Trampoline Gracelet service January 2008

The Road To Emmaus service May 2007

Body service March 2007

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