another city 1999

My first website, for an aborted series of alternative worship events. The site was made in Macromedia Freehand and exported with Insta.html (which would become Dreamweaver).

About page. Graphics riffed off the tube map. Logotype by Nic Hughes.

Events page. Groups were mostly unable to commit to events and the series was cancelled. However, the Labyrinth happened in St. Paul's Cathedral in March 2000.

About participating groups.

'Rants' were fashionable at the time, I regret it now, but I would expand on various points in subsequent writings.

Early 2000, a site extension to show photos, soon leading to the creation of after Another City was cancelled.

Prototype photo page. Definitely done in Freehand! I learned HTML to deal with the cross-browser failures of the Insta.html exports.

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