Reading the Bible

how do you read the bible?
do you read the bible?
why do you read the bible?

how often do you read it?
do you read little and often, or great chunks occasionally?
have you read it cover-to-cover?
have you ever read more than a single chapter at one go?
have you ever read it aloud?

where do you read it?
on the train where everyone can see?
or at home where no-one can see?

which version do you prefer?
do you go for word-for-word translation of the hebrew and greek or an easy-to-read paraphrase?

is the bible too heavy?
would you like it to be broken up into its individual books so you didn't have to take all of them to homegroup?
if it was broken up, would you put some books on one side and never read them?
if you had to buy the books separately, would you buy the whole set or only some?
if only some, which, and why?

which books of the bible have you never read from?
which bits are your favourites?

do you struggle to relate it to your own life?
or does it speak directly to you?

do you take every word as inspired?
do you take every word as true?
do you think it contains mistakes?

what bugs you about the bible?
genocide? sexism? patriarchy? ritualised animal murder?
which bits frighten you?
which bits reassure you?