How long would you wait?

Mark out a timeline on the floor with tape. Divide into 24 equal intervals which read:

1 second
2 seconds
30 seconds
1 minute
5 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
3 hours
6 hours
12 hours
1 day
2 days
1 week
2 weeks
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
5 years
10 years
20 years
50 years
a lifetime

Make a set of cards each of which reads 'How long would you wait' and one of the following:

for a good idea?
for the government to reform the NHS?
for the punchline in a joke?
for someone to answer the phone?
for a shop assistant to serve you?
for a promise to be kept?
for a new car in your preferred colour?
for an answer to prayer?
for a red light to change before jumping it?
for a Big Mac?
for the bar staff to serve you?
for an ambulance?
in the checkout queue at a supermarket?
for a main course in a restaurant?
for a bus?
for the right partner to marry?
for a colleague at work to return your call?
for the lift in a department store?
for sex with someone you fancy?
for a web page to download?
for an apology before forgiving?
for delivery of a new sofa?
for a sign that someone loves you?
to meet the Queen?
for a plumber to fix your sink?
for a person in a coma before switching off the life support machine?
for a prophecy to be fulfilled
for your child to be obedient?
for a pay rise before changing jobs?
for a missing person to return before believing that they're dead?
for engagement to lead to marriage?
to conceive before giving up?
to see your family doctor?
to meet the Prime Minister?
to meet Madonna?
for entry into a nightclub?
to meet David Beckham?
to meet Banksy?
for your favourite band to come onstage?
for a holiday flight without complaining?
for a date to show up?
for your lover to return before accepting that it's over?
for non-violence to work?

Place the cards along the timeline to give your answers. The next person then gathers them up to do the same.