Some questions:
What do we do to present Christian spirituality as a gift without controlling strings?
A parcel that isn't booby-trapped?

Can we bear to leave them in control? To not force 'closure'?
[Jesus let the rich young ruler walk away]
Can we offer them pieces for their jigsaw puzzle without completing it for them?
If so, what are the pieces? How do they work, if they are not the whole picture?

The pieces are 'embodying objects'
Some will be mute, eg conceptual/non-representational art
Some will be explicit, eg sacred texts, allusive texts, representational art
[Can the Bible be unbound and scattered?]

If each piece embodies a specific truth/idea/form of connection,
what do they look like?
How do they connect [like Lego] if they are scattered throughout the culture?

Is connection the work of the Spirit?
Do we model connection
[just as one child learns how to build an aeroplane in Lego by watching another child build one]
rather than putting things together for people?

Could church be made from the pieces scattered throughout the culture?
People coming together with their pieces to build
Lego church - everyone brings a brick or two, many things can be made
What pieces would you bring to the game?
What have you found? Been given? Collected?
Pokemon church - can church be something you collect? Swap?

Characteristics of the new church: